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North Georgia Relic Hunters Association

The 43rd Annual Southeastern Civil War and Antique Gun Show
August 14th and 15th, 2021
The North Georgia Relic Hunter’s Association was formed in 1972 in partnership with the City of Marietta Department of Parks and Recreation. The association has over 120 members from all walks of life.  The purpose of the North Georgia Relic Hunters Association (NGRHA) is to further the enjoyment of responsibly collecting Civil War relics, old bottles and coins, as well as other items from years gone by. The NGRHA is dedicated to preserving Georgia history through responsible excavation.  Membership is open to all persons interested in relic or coin hunting and collecting.

Since 1972, the North Georgia Relic Hunters Association has dedicated itself to the preservation of artifacts of the American past. Through the use of electronic detection devices members have collected coins, jewelry and other memorabilia that illustrate in a tangible way, the history and progress of a growing new nation. Each member is a student of American history and collectively we strive to pass on the knowledge we have gained through school lecture programs, living history presentations, and relic shows – to mention a few.

From the beginning the founders of the association stressed the importance of respect for the property of others, reverence for federal lands and obedience of local and federal laws. Today, these ideals are still paramount.

Members of the association cover a wide range of vocations including law enforcement, attorneys, executives, blue-collar workers, technicians, and teachers, to name a few. All are dedicated to the idea that our local, state and national heritage is vitally important and that each person should make an effort to preserve what we can for future generations to enjoy. To this end, association members participate in historical organizations of many types and provide period relics – on a loan basis – to museums and libraries. They also give of their time and energy to preservation programs on a voluntary basis. The association is always ready to assist organized groups whenever possible.

Fund-raising efforts by the association (a non-profit organization) provides money for a variety of charities each year and budgeting for club events and functions. Integrity, honesty, and respect for the property and the rights of others is a code each member lives by. Those who don’t are in the minority and are not welcomed in the North Georgia Relic Hunters Association.