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Nokta / Makro

Nokta Makro Jeotech LED System Metal Detector

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Nokta Makro is an industry leader in detection technologies. From coin and gold to deep sea treasures, they feature innovative metal detector units with the latest LED lighting and tracking technologies. In fact, the Makro Jeotech LED System Metal Detector continues to receive stellar industry ratings and user reviews. As a popular coin hunting detector, this unit is designed to locate and pinpoint treasures that regular detectors cannot find.

The Jeotech has powerful and deep detection capabilities even in the harshest ground conditions. With technologies that locate deeply buried gold and precious metals, this metal detector will meet all your needs within time and budget. Here are some more advantages of this 4 ½ star metal detection system:

Works great in highly mineralized environments. User-friendly detection tools, LED lighting and tracking for underground gold, coins, and metals of all grades.
This unit detects metals within caves, tunnels, and cellars with relative ease. A very reliable, affordable and accurate detection system.
Users can easily access the LEDs which are conveniently located on the right and left side of the joystick.
This metal detector produces unique audio tones that help pinpoint hidden or submerged metals in most settings.
Why Choose the Jeotech Metal Detection System?

The Jeotech Metal Detector emits high-quality audio signals that guide you to the right areas for optimal success. With metal and mineral LEDs, you get true detection of items in cavities, caves and especially underground. The scanning key even performs metal analysis which lets you know the estimated grade of these metals. From coins and jewelry to relics and more, you can truly turn your hobby into a profitable side income. For non-ferrous metals like gold, copper, silver, and bronze, the Non-Ferrous LED light turn on. Similarly, the Ferrous LED light will turn on for non-ferrous materials like iron and steel.

The Nokta | Makro Jeotech LED System Metal Detector is one of the best metal detectors on the market today. With user-friendly features, this unit is easy to control, monitor and very mobile. Use the metal detector on all types of ground surfaces to test for pinpointed accuracy. You are sure to be amazed at the functionality and performance of this highly-rated product.