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Gold Hog

Raptor Flare 2.0 Highbanker + Claw Claw + Header Box Flares

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Our #1 Selling Highbanker

Raptor Flare Gold Highbanker

10 years in sales and continual development and 5 versions / upgrades later the Raptor Flare highbanker is the WORLD’S best performing highbanker on the market… PERIOD.  Used by both prospectors and professional mining organizations around the world, the Raptor Flare will OUT RUN any highbanker in volume AND… capture nuggets down to super fine gold.  It’s PROVEN time and time again via controlled testing. 100% made in the USA (Georgia) we are committed to making and selling the BEST PERFORMING equipment.

All matting pre-made, installed and included. 

Change #1 – Metal locking rings now hold the plumbing in place vs. plastic ring.

Change #2 – There no longer is a “water stop” bar in flare section.


  • 100% made in USA
  • Breaks down into a compact unit that fits into a trunk.
  • Comes with all matting pre-made and installed.
  • POWERFUL header box action DESTROYS dirt and clay.
  • ZERO classifying, just dump and run. (watch the video)
  • Runs on a cheap 2″ semi-trash pump (reduced down to 1.5″)
  • Will capture nuggets up to 1/2″ and SUPER fine flour gold.
  • Optional extension for those running VERY HEAVY / lots of pay.
  • Can keep 4-6 people busy.
  • Used by commercial ops around the world for accurate testing.