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XP DEUS Wireless Metal Detector

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  • The XP DEUS is the next generation in detecting technology. New Gold Progam with 10 included programs and room for 8 user customizable programs. 18 in all.
  • Backed by a 5 Year USA parts and labor warranty performed in the new US repair facility.
  • 9" Double D wireless coil with lithium ion rechargeable battery - no memory loss unlike older rechargeables. Fully waterproof and coil cover included..
  • Wireless rechargeable Control unit with backlight for day or night time operation, all fine tuning adjustments can be made with this controller. Mount it to the shaft, wear it on your belt or carry in your pocket.
  • Wireless rechargeable WS4 lightweight headphones with volume controls and program selection. Includes headphone carrying case. 
  • Product description

    The XP DEUS is the next generation in detecting technology. Its software can be easily upgraded using your PC and Internet connection. The wireless coil, controller and headphones all operate together to provide the fastest and lightest detecting experience available today. Incredibly deep, the standard 9" coil can operate at 18khz, 12khz, 8khz and 4khz frequencies and a full complement of iron audio, sensitivity, transmit, audio and reactivity settings to allow you to detect in any environment you wish. 10 Factory programs and 8 user customizable programs allow for easy turn on and go operation or customize any program to suit your needs.